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About Images Through My Eyes

I enjoy working with charcoal.  It's a honest and rewarding medium because of its direct approach. With charcoal and pencil, I believe you have to a certain skill set or the viewing audience will pick up on your weaknesses, and there lies the true challenge of my work. Unlike color where you can manipulate the medium to cover your mistakes, charcoal requires great discipline, yet it allows you to make corrections easily. Because of the intricate detail in my work, my drawings are often viewed up close, but I want them to work equally well for the viewer from across the room. Since my return to the art world, I have received numerous awards and recognition in the field of charcoal and pastels this also include fantasy art. A commitment to detail and a deep appreciation for the masters has guided me forward in an effort to create realism in my work.  I have always been fascinated with composition, sensitivity, and the structure many artists have been able to convey through their work.


My best art come from the inspiration and excitement I find in articles and images of African families and the urban experience. Capturing a slice of life with charcoal pencil and pastels brings me great satisfaction. After graduating from Northwestern High School in Detroit, Michigan, I attended The Society of Arts and Crafts in the early 70's, now the Center for Creative Studies, after graduating from Northwestern High School. I remember from an early age, constantly drawing pictures of people. Of all the mediums.

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